Calcis is a contractor in engineering geophysics and offers engineering geological consultancy. These services are used to understand ground for infrastructures and civil engineering projects.

No single technique has been universally effective. Calcis combines, if necessary, different ground investigation survey methods to achieve client objectives.

A preliminary geophysical investigation help quarry operators to assess overburden thickness affecting mining planning, depth of weathering above competent rock, importance of karstification, excavability,... . It is also possible to map discontinuities (faults, fractures,...) in the rock body and the extent of deposit.

Geophysical techniques help to define and optimize first borehole targets.

Geophysical methods are techniques to assess candidate geologic sites for waste disposal.

Calcis uses these techniques also for detection and localization of buried metallic objects and other underground structures in different geological and man-made environments.

Geophysical techniques provide database for groundwater resource management.